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The Blockchain Wallet is non-custodial, which means you’ll be the only one who can log into your wallet, know your password, and manage your funds. We can never suspend your bitcoin wallet or even know your total wallet balance. Because we put you in complete control of your bitcoins, we also developed 3 self-serve tools to help you should you ever lose access to your wallet.

Remind Me: What’s my Wallet ID?

Your Wallet ID is a unique identifier that’s assigned when you first create your bitcoin wallet. It’s what you’d use in combination with your password and any 2FA codes whenever you log in. If you’ve verified your email address and accidentally lose your Wallet ID, you can click Remind Me to have it emailed to you.

If you don’t have a verified email, don’t fret: our support team can still help you recover it, but it will probably take longer than the recommended option above.

This is a common (and very unfortunate) problem many users run into, which is why we frequently recommend verifying your Wallet Recovery Phrase , also known as making a wallet backup. The process of verifying your phrase consists of a few quick steps and only has to be done once. If you ever do forget your password, you’ll have your recovery phrase on hand and you can use it to instantly restore access to your funds.

This recovery process doesn’t apply to any Imported Address balances. If you have spendable funds stored in an imported address, we strongly recommend using Transfer All , which will move your funds from Imported Addresses to addresses generated within in your wallet.

Reset 2FA: I lost my 2FA device!

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of protection that helps amp up the security of your bitcoin wallet. You can choose to receive your codes (one-time passwords or OTP) via SMS, Google Authenticator, or Yubikey.

Always remember to keep your 2FA access up to date. If you plan on changing your SMS number, you can log in prior to the switch and temporarily disable 2FA. Next, update your SMS details with your newly activated number (or choose another method like Google Authenticator). Remembering to update these details will save you from a reset and ensure you don’t temporarily lose access to your wallet.

Of course, there are also several unexpected situations that can require a 2FA reset and pretty much everyone who relies on some form of 2FA has experienced at least one of them.

A 2FA Reset Request is your best bet when:

  • You lose your 2FA device
  • Your 2FA device breaks or stops working
  • You lose access to your verified email
  • You experience persistent delays or delivery issues (SMS codes or emails)

While the process isn’t as speedy as the previous two, a 2FA Reset will help you get back into your wallet. If you’re unable to log in and don’t know if a 2FA Reset Request is your best choice, please reach out to our support team .

To check out these tools yourself, head on over to the wallet login page , and click on More Options below Sign In. Bookmark this page so you’ll know where to go if you ever need to recover your Wallet ID, your password, or reset your Two Factor Authentication.

We’d love to hear any questions you have about these 3 wallet tools. Feel free to share them by connecting with us on Facebook, or by visiting our Support Center.