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Peter Smith

Last week I had the privilege of announcing’s new Chief Operating Officer as well as our new Chief Strategy Officer. And today I’m pleased to follow that up with another addition to our management team: our new VP of Marketing, Jason Karsh.

Jason began his career as a Product Marketing Manager at Google, working on Search, Google+, Chromebooks, and Android Devices. After nearly 5 years he left to join WiFi startup eero as the 2nd marketing hire and helped build out the team as the head of product marketing. By early 2018 he joined Coinbase and built out their first marketing team.

For the past year he’s consulted with crypto companies on their marketing strategy, brand, and growth. Expanding beyond brokerage/exchanges, he’s worked with layer 1 platforms, developer ecosystems, and DeFi products.

We’re excited to partner with him to build out our marketing team, grow users, and expand crypto to its first 1 billion users and beyond.