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Dear Blockchainer,

This is the first ever newsletter from, to our 1.5 million users. First of all, we’d like to thank you for your support, loyalty and trust in us!

Security has always been our top priority; given the recent explosive growth of our user base, we have seen an increase in phishing and other attempts trying to steal bitcoins. Please be sure to read basic security tips, as well as password security. If you’re ever uncertain if an email is from us, don’t hesitate to ask us on Twitter, Facebook, or submit a support request.

On to some exciting news and updates we’d like to share with you:

Blockchain Wallet

With 1,500,000 users, we are proud to be the largest Bitcoin wallet provider in the world! The Blockchain wallet is 100% open-source on the client side; we give 100% control to the user. Our servers never see your private keys. You can continue to use your bitcoins even when our service is unavailable! You are in full control of your wealth when using the Blockchain Wallet. As we continue to improve our user experience, a few updates are on the way.

Blockchain Merchant App

We launched Blockchain Merchant along with Get the app here! This is yet the easiest way for anyone to accept bitcoins! To inspire creativity and as a thank you to the early-adopters of Blockchain Merchant, we’ve got a 10 Tablet Giveaway happening now, where users can win an Android-powered Nexus 7 tablet by simply shooting a video.

The Merchant App is built using the Blockchain API. It is 100% open-source and serves as an example on how to use our API in Java.


Our free API is a hidden feature to most users, but very active amongst the Bitcoin developer community. This is the simplest way to develop your Bitcoin app, site or service. You can receive payments, explore the blockchain, or even provide your own wallet service, backed by our API. You also get the added benefit that any transactions you post through our API are verifiable on immediately. Our block explorer is the home to the most popular Bitcoin website in the world; a source used by millions worldwide.


With the recent merger of Clark Moody’s trading platform, ZeroBlock became the first multi-exchange trading platform with combined news, data, charts and trading. It sports an ultra-sleek and efficient user-interface for serious traders. We are actively adding more exchanges to the platform. Check out the full-featured free trial today.

Other things you may not know yet

We have significantly increased our service capacity on many fronts: our team, servers and community support. While we are in this new age with digital currency, real people are supporting you. We maintain a transparent team philosophy. You can see our team profiles publicly on our website. We also expanded our servers several folds to cope with the exponential increase in traffic.

On top of that, we are glad to tell you we have stronger support from the community than ever, from all over the world! Amongst other things, more than 31 people contributed to our translation efforts to make our products global. We have recently moved our translation project to Crowdin translations, following advice given by our users. Our blog and informational site is now multilingual-ready. We will expand it to support every major language on the planet. Bitcoin has no borders!

If you are multilingual, we (and your friends) would very much appreciate your help. We will be rolling out multilingual versions of all of our products soon.

We will close on a security note again. We thought you would be happy to know that we have successfully worked with authorities to shut down most of the phishing sites in the past few weeks. We now have channels in place to shut down new ones more quickly in the future. Every newsletter we send will be posted on our blog site. Please check our blogs to verify emails you receive are indeed from us.

Blockchain Team
** April, 2014**