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We are pleased to announce that we’ve added USDT (Tether) to the Wallet. users can now buy USDT, swap other crypto for USDT, or simply send and receive USDT in the Wallet. And beginning next week, users will be able to deposit USDT into an Interest Account to start earning up to 7% interest annually.

As a stablecoin, USDT anchors its value to the price of the US dollar, meaning one Tether will always equal ~1 USD.

Stablecoins like Tether shield you from crypto market volatility, and in turn, empower you to have a digital store of value that you can choose to self-custody. This means that, with just a mobile phone and an internet connection, you can store your assets securely and be independent from banks and other financial institutions.

And we’re excited that USDT will join BTC and ETH as one of the assets users can deposit in an Interest Account and begin earning up to 7% interest annually. Note that different interest rates apply for BTC and ETH.

Tether is the most widely used digital-to-fiat currency today, and one of the most commonly requested assets by customers, so log in to the wallet and get started today!

For more information on Tether and other stablecoins, check out our most up-to-date research reports on the developments of stablecoins.