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Peter Smith

Today we’re excited to share that for existing Interest Accounts — and any deposits made before 11:59 pm PT on Wednesday — we’re raising rates to the highest in the industry with no maximum deposit.

So whether you deposit 0.1 BTC or 1000 BTC — it makes no difference. As long as you deposit more than the minimum you’ll be accruing interest and earning the best rates you can get from a trusted company. At, our mission is to empower customers to control their own financial future. And now, with these incredibly high-interest rates, you have even more of a reason to hold crypto in a Wallet and put it to work.

A question I often get as it relates to these interest accounts is: what’s the catch? Are these rates too good to be true? Rest assured, there is no catch. These rates are all made possible through our institutional lending business, through which we provide highly qualified institutional clients with access to crypto inventory and margin financing.

In fact, since launching that institutional product last year we’ve seen over $11.5B in originated loans (at the current value of BTC and ETH). This business generates the revenue that allows us to offer best in the market interest to you and other retail customers around the world.

Here’s a look at how we stack up against a few of your other options:

To participate, simply open a account, verify your identity, and deposit funds into an Interest Account. But hurry, this promotional offer will only be available until the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday evening. Happy HODLing!

P.S. And our lawyers tell me I should include that these rates are only guaranteed through the end of the month and are subject to change in the future.