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Financial accessibility to post-secondary education is out of reach to an overwhelming majority of potential students in the United States (and worldwide). Without financial assistance through scholarships, loans, and the generosity of others, attending university or college is too frequently out of the question.

Our CEO Nicolas Cary, a graduate of the University of Puget Sound’s Business Leadership Program, is a grateful recipient of scholarships and loans that assisted him in completing his post-secondary education. As CEO of the world’s most popular Bitcoin website and wallet, he finds himself in the position to give back to the educational institution that helped inspire, motivate and shape him into who he is today. It was the business leadership classes, coupled with professors’ mentoring that prepared him to challenge conventional ideas and become a leader in evolutionary finance.

Perhaps the first philanthropic act of its kind to an American post-secondary institution, this past Tuesday Cary made a generous donation of $10,000 (14.5 bitcoins) to the University of Puget Sound’s $125 million One [of a Kind] comprehensive campaign, which provides financial and academic assistance to students. The campaign initially launched in 2007, and has received roughly $109 million in gifts from generous donors connected with the Puget Sound community in some way.

Puget Sound welcomed the Bitcoin donation as a generous aid to their campaign goals, but also as an opportunity to learn about this new form of money. Despite having no policy for donations in the form of digital currencies, Puget Sound’s administration feels it will help them learn to better engage with global e-commerce.

By giving back in Bitcoin, Cary is not only assisting in the flourishing of the educational ecosystem at Puget Sound, but his act also brings attention to the utility of Bitcoin, and how crucial of a role the currency and payment network can play in global financial liberation and helping those in need. All of us at Blockchain share this untamed passion for Bitcoin, and see it as our mission to show how Bitcoin can change the world for the better.