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At Blockchain, we have been passionate about building software that makes using bitcoin easy and secure for anyone. For over four years, we have run the most popular bitcoin website, , and perhaps the most utilized API in the industry. Still, most people know us for our bitcoin wallet.

Our bitcoin wallet rests on a simple technical premise: it is possible to build a hybrid bitcoin wallet that delivers all the ease of use and convenience associated with a normal e-wallet while simultaneously empowering users to maintain full control over their bitcoins. This is the foundation atop which we build. We firmly believe in our slogan — Be Your Own Bank.

When you are the first to build something, it’s not unusual to be called crazy — and we were. Friends, investors, and even other bitcoiners said that regular consumers would never embrace a wallet that was not a bitcoin bank with a password reset. We disagreed. We firmly believed that people want the best of what bitcoin has to offer — empowerment and control.

So far, we’ve been right. We are pleased to report that after years of pioneering the hybrid approach, our software has powered over 100 million transactions** **and has been used by millions of people across the globe. In fact, our software powers 100,000 transactions a day — more than any other bitcoin product.

We are incredibly honored to work on a product everyday that’s used by so many people around the world.

Five months ago, we released the next generation of our wallet. This new version is a leap forward in terms of features, which you can read about here, but it also represents a new era for the team that works on the wallet. Our latest code is heavily reviewed, heavily audited by both our internal security engineer and external testers, and is now faster, more adaptable and incredibly robust. The new version is proactive — it senses first time bitcoin users and helps set them up for a great experience with bitcoin. As a product, it has performed more strongly than our last major version.

What’s next for the Blockchain Wallet? We are going to stay focused on building the best first real bitcoin wallet for people anywhere in the world. Better internationalization, easier and more intuitive setup, and an easier entrance into the digital currency ecosystem. New users need bitcoin!

We’re as excited today to be working on this product as we were years ago. Thank you all for your support and most importantly, for using our software.

– The Blockchain Team