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Peter Smith, Blockchain Exchange, and the thinking behind the changes

When we launched back in 2011, we had a simple goal — to make it easy to explore and use the data on the bitcoin blockchain. Those were the early days of crypto, and as the ecosystem has evolved, so have we. Nearly 9 years later we have grown from a small data-focused website for early adopters to the most trusted crypto platform with products used by people in every corner of the globe. There’s no doubt that along the way we’ve benefited greatly from a company name that’s synonymous with a foundational technology in crypto. But at times our name can be confusing.

Creating clarity in crypto is important to us. For many, we are their very first touchpoint into this new financial system. And we think it’s really important that people understand what crypto is and the power of owning their own financial future. That’s hard to do when our name in and of itself isn’t very clear.

So to remove any confusion we are changing our company name from Blockchain to

While subtle, we think this is an important change that will not only help disambiguate our company from the underlying technology, but it will also help prospective customers better understand how to find us and how we can best serve them — whether it’s setting up a Blockchain Wallet or buying crypto on our exchange.

Which brings us to an important lesson that we learned recently.

Ensuring people know we’re behind our products was a key learning after we launched the PIT, our crypto exchange. Initially and presumptively, we had hoped that by naming the exchange The PIT it would not only be an homage to the frenetic energy of trading pits, but would be an opportunity to create a new product with a stand-alone brand. We spent a significant amount of time building the next generation crypto exchange that the traders of today deserve and yet, no one realized Blockchain was behind it.

This reinforced the feedback we received after in-market and many user experience tests. Simply The PIT as a name presented more challenges than it solved– causing confusion about the exchange’s relationship to the company and our trusted brand.

That’s why in addition to the new, we’re also changing the name of The PIT to Blockchain Exchange. It’s a clear, descriptive name that will not just clarify that the Exchange is a product, but gives us an opportunity to re-introduce the exchange to customers around the world.

Along with these name changes, we’ll be rolling up our charts, prices, and stats products into the Blockchain Explorer. And our entire institutional business — including the Lending Desk, Blockchain Principal Strategies, and the Institutional Trading — will be rolled into Blockchain Markets. Finally, our venture arm will update its name to Ventures.

In an effort to ensure that our products are easy to understand and easy to use, you may notice changes to other features names over time, all with the aim to increase clarity and improve the user experience.

We look forward to rolling out these changes in the coming weeks and hope they will make more accessible and easier to use as we bring in the next generation of crypto users.