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Craig Wright, the famous frontman of Bitcoin SV, also known as a self-assumed
Satoshi Nakamoto, has filed documents to patent the ownership of the original
BTC code and the white paper made by Satoshi Nakamoto

Perhaps, the second highly notorious person in the crypto industry after John McAfee, Dr Craig Wright, has found a way to attract even more attention than when he was suing major crypto figures. This time, he decided to act using the global system of patents.

A mere registration is seen as a victory

The news was reported by CoinDesk on Tuesday. Craig Wright has indeed filed registration documents to the US Patent Office. This does not mean that he has actually received any particular patents. The process of patent registration is rather a part of preparation for legal suits that may arise while the submitter tries to prove his right for the patent, says CoinDesk.

The first application to the Patent Office was regarding Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper. The second one – regarding the original Bitcoin code.

Why the copyright registration matters to Dr Wright

Jimmy Nguyen, the head of bComm Association, an organization that largely supports Bitcoin SV and Craig Wright, said in the press release that he and his colleagues are thrilled by Wright filing these patent registrations, which can finally prove to the world that he is the original Bitcoin maker.

The copyright office sees patent registration
as a weapon to use in court against opponents, as per CoinDesk.

Bitcoin SV surges to the moon

Whether Craig Wright will succeed or not, Bitcoin SV investors are already making more than healthy profits – several hours ago, when the news just appeared, Bitcoin SV spiked over 90%, as per CoinMarketCap. It even managed to replace Tron on position #11.


However, now the excitement seems to have gone down a little and BSV is now showing a slightly under 55% rise. And Tron is back in spot #11, while Bitcoin SV is trading in position #12.