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If you
are into skin trading or gambling, then look no further than Gamdom. This online
casino supports CSGO, DOTA, vIRL and VGO trading.

What’s more, Gamdom
also allows players to make deposits and withdraws in Bitcoin. While most
players are wary of casinos that accept cryptocurrency, this Bitcoin casino is
completely licensed, and all games are based on a provably fair algorithm.

Gamdom games: Fairness and Interface

This online casino supports Tradeup,
Roulette, Crash, and HiLo, where users can engage in CSGO gambling and skin
trading. After depositing their VGO skins, CSGO skins, DOTA skins, vIRL items
or Bitcoin in their account, the items will be converted into the platform’s
native coins – Gamdom coins, which are used in all the site’s games.

Players are also able to get better skins
in the Tradeup by gambling a number of coins for a skin from Gamdom’s
marketplace. The Roulette, Crash, and HiLo games offer many bonuses to all
players with each round.

Gamdom has also announced that it has
plans on adding a peer-to-peer trading feature for CSGO skins to attract
players that are more keen on skin trading.


The website is nicely crafted with a
simple design so that anyone can easily use and understand its functionalities.
The game animation runs smoothly, with both visuals and sounds being engaging
to make you feel the buzz of a real casino experience.


All the
games provided by Gamdom are based on a provably fair system, consisting of SHA
256 algorithms and cryptographic distributions. Through these algorithms, all
the results of future games are pre-calculated, ensuring that no game outcome
can be manipulated by Gamdom.

fairness of each game can be tested via its SHA 256 hash, which is stored on a
separate server on a chain alongside with 10 million other SHA256 hashes.

All the hashes are published on the site
and all players are able to check the hashes and compare the outcomes. By
making all the hashes publicly available, Gamdom proves ourselves that it’s not
able to modify any results in its favor.

Bonuses and Giveaways


The Rainbot feature is a bot that offers
active chat users free coins, on an automated basis, every 2-28 minutes. The
users receive more coins from Rainbot if they have betted a larger amount in
their games.

Claiming the coins is easy. You just have
to click on the blue cloud pop up from your chat once it appears on your
screen. The Rainbot bonus can be increased by 50% by attaching “” to
your name.   


Daily rewards are given to Gamdom users
that have their accounts verified. Verified accounts are also entitled to
receive coins from the Rainbot feature. The verification process is simple,
requiring only an SMS text from your phone.


Players that add to their Steam
user name are eligible to receive additional bonuses. The name promotion will
increase the Daily Bonuses you receive by two times and boost your Rainbot
reward with 50%. Also, players will get their XP doubled each time they level
up. Higher account levels equate higher bonuses.


By completing simple tasks on their social
platforms, Gamdom will reward its users with extra bonuses. Gamdom competitions
and giveaways involve following their Instagram or Twitter group, or retweeting
a specific post.

Jackpot Rounds

The Crash
distributes free coins to a number of lucky players form each Crash

  • First place gets 75% of
    the Jackpot,
  • The remaining 25% is
    distributed to the rest of the round players, based on the amounts they won.

The Roulette
also gives out bonuses in a similar manner to the Crash jackpot,
but with varying reward percentages.

The jackpot is distributed accordingly:

  • 70% is given to the
  • 20% is distributed to
    winning color bettors;
  • 10% is split among losing
    color bettors.

Each round, 1% of the total bets made will
be added to the jackpot to increase the value of the prize.

With the HiLo Jackpot, the pot is distributed in this way: 52% to the winner
of the round, 30% is split between those that have made their bets on the
winning card/cards and 18% will be allocated to those that have betted on the
losing colors.

The Hilo jackpot will be enhanced with
0.1% of the total betted amount from each round.

Cash Out Times

It is known by now that cryptocurrency
transactions are more efficient in certain aspects when compared to fiat
transfers. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals have faster execution times and
they come with no fees at all. This is why Gamdom has included Bitcoin into
their line-up of payment and cash out options, to make transfers extremely
convenient for all its players.

When you want to cash out your skins, Bitcoins
or items from Gamdom you do not have to worry about long processing times. Just
navigate to the site’s “Marketplace”, type in the amount you want to withdraw
and, if you have met your deposit and gambling requirements, your items will be
instantly deposited into your desired account.

Best Support a Casino Can Have

Gamdom is definitely not lacking when it
comes to customer support. There are three emails addresses that can be
contacted for support, marketing, and technical problems. The staff is always
responsive and available to help users with any matters that they might have.

A detailed FAQ section is also available
for those looking for quick answers regarding Gamdom’s bonuses, rewards and

The Gamdom Team Is Looking for Skilled Developers

Gamdom is interested in expanding its team
with experienced front-end and back-end developers. Those that will join the
team will aid the platform in reaching the best industry standards for online

The requirements include experience in React.js
and Node.js coding, as well as English fluency.

Those of you that meet the qualifications
and are interested in applying for the job can contact Gamdom at [email protected].

a secure and fun gambling experience, there is no place like Gamdom – a Bitcoin
casino that offers many bonuses and opportunities for CSGO, DOTA, VGO and vIRL