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a short test run with the YouHodler community, the new “Turbo Loan” feature is
officially back on. Turbo Loans are an innovative feature that helps users get
a “chain of loans” in just one click to multiply their crypto collateral in a
bull run. With the recent update, clients can enjoy simplified usability,
increased efficiencies and more.

Discover an entirely new way to use
crypto lending platforms

Thanks to YouHodler’s innovative community members, the FinTech platform is now the first of it’s kind to automate multiple loans in one click. Before the release, clients had to manually use their loan collateral to purchase more crypto on an external exchange and then transfer that to a lending platform to use as more collateral on another loan. During a bull run scenario when time matters most, this process could be lengthy. However, YouHoder decided to automate the entire process that helps users get 3-5 loans in just one click. Hence, one can optimize their earnings during a bull run and multiply their crypto collateral in a short amount of time.

YouHodler: Turbo Loans are Back and Better Than Ever! 1

YouHodler creates the first “Turbo
Loan” feature; how to Turbocharge crypto

Turbo Loans were apart of YouHodler’s loan platform but with the new update, it
is a standalone feature of it’s one. To use Turbo Loan, one must first visit
the Turbocharge Crypto page. Here, the user will see all available tariff
options and how to customize the Turbo Loan. The minimum amount for the first
loan is 100 USD. After creating the first loan request, YouHodler will “turbocharge” that amount.
What the means is YouHodler automatically buys more crypto using the borrowed
funds from the first loan without any fee. This crypto is then used as
collateral for a new loan in the chain and the process is repeated 3-5 times,
depending on what the user chooses.

Crypto credit can help multiply
assets during a bull run

recommends using this Turbo Loan feature during bull run scenarios only. For
example, if the user starts with just 4 ETH, then this amount can effectively
be multiplied to 16 ETH in one click. Looking at daily price movements, this
sort of multiplication is obtainable if Turbo Loans are timed correctly. Of
course, one should be aware this is a risk in this method and profits are not

discover the new Turbo Loan update and see how easy it is to “turbocharge” your
crypto assets, visit right now. Also, please contact us via email
( or Telegram (@YouHodler) to get even more help on this
unique opportunity.